Making Moves (Like Jagger???)

Yeah, so it’s been a while since my last post, and the laundry list of topics I’d like to cover sort of took a backseat to some recent changes in my professional life.

Cisco’s Unified Computing Architecture Practice has been my home since leaving CA Technologies, and I had the honor of collaborating with some of the best minds in UCS, Virtualization, and Data Center Networking deployments.  I recently wrapped up my tour of duty, but before I left, I still had one big project to accomplish: stand up two separate UCS deployments back-to-back in completely different locations.

Usually, my projects consist of one data center (or multiple data centers at the same geographical location).  So, it was a pretty cool project to take my final bows with.

The build out went smoothly except for dealing with a few variations in infrastructure setup (ex: firmware, port numbering, port availability, optical cable polarity, etc.), which drove home even more to me the value of converged infrastructures where such items are standardized.  That way, customers can quickly get to the real purpose of deploying Private Cloud architectures: delivering services to internal customers with the highest levels of quality and with the least effort possible (lower OpEx = WIN).

On that note, I’ll segue into the big move I made this week into VCE’s Corporate Engineering Team.  I will have an opportunity to help customers see the value of converged infrastructure stacks from the best-in-breed solutions vendors.  I also get to help develop new solutions so that customers move beyond the value of quickly setting up their Private Cloud to efficiently deploying their critical applications on a large scale (at the required SLAs, of course).  While doing so, I get to work with super smart people like Mr. Jae EllersMr. Kendrick Coleman, and Mr. Aaron Delp

Does this mean becomes a VCE soundboard?  Not necessarily.  I will still maintain my original goals of covering the latest and greatest news & ideas in virtualization.  However, since converged infrastructures and reference architectures are significant developments in the virtualization world, you may hear about Vblocks and VSPEX every now and then.  Who knows? If I build enough VCE-centric content, I may spin off those types of articles to a blog solely dedicated to my work at VCE.  🙂

In the meantime, thank you for taking this journey with me.  I look forward to us continuing to discuss what are the next evolutionary steps of Cloud Computing and Infrastructure Virtualization.

5 thoughts on “Making Moves (Like Jagger???)”

    1. Yes sir.  Thank you for the kind words.  It does to not be able to collaborate in-person with one of the most knowledgeable customers in the biz!  Anyway, that’s what the Internets are for. 🙂  Keep up the great work at theHyperadvisor: you’re keeping us vendor folk 100% honest.

  1. Thank you Mike.  I do my best to offer content that will be helpful to others…and to myself when my old brain loses track of all the pointers to useful info (I wish i could trade it in for a JVM 🙂 )

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